Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some General Convention Resources

Here's just a few places that I'm bookmarking:

The Episcopal Church's GC page.

The "Come and Grow Video", which is provided as an orientation for bishops and deputies.

The Blue Book (which is green this time...go figure).

Proposed Legislation. Note that all resolutions are listed. Change the "legislative source" to view those proposed by bishops, dioceses, provinces and deputies.

The legislative process.

GC Schedule.

Louie Crew's GC Page.

Integrity tracks resolutions.

Myths and Facts of GC.

The Windsor Report.

To Set Our Hope on Christ.

One Baptism, One Hope in God's Call.

From The Witness; A Response to the WR.

From The Witness; The Anglican Communion

What Should GC2006 Do?

Saving Anglicanism.

Presiding Bishop Nominees Video

Louie Crew Interviews Nominees

Episcopal News Service.

Anglicans Online News Center.

A few blogs to watch during GC:

Daily Episcopalian, which is run by Jim Naughton of the Diocese of Washington. Jim is an experienced reporter and an excellent writer. I anticipate this will be a good place to pick up on daily developments. Right, Jim?

Preludium, by Mark Harris, a deputy to Convention, member of the Special Commission, and regular contributer to The Witness, among other things. Expect some thoughtful commentary from Mark.

In a Godward Direction offered by Tobias Haller, also a deputy and quite the theologian.

An Inch at a Time, from Susan Russell, President of Integrity USA.

Grace Notes, by Sarah Dylan Breuer, author of Dylan's Lectionary Blog, editor of The Witness and member of the Special Commission. Dylan will be helping with a booth for The Consultation, "a coalition of progressive organizations in the Episcopal Church." This is new to me. I look forward to learning more about it.

mrussellgc06, a new blog by Michael Russell, a priest from the diocese of San Diego, who many of you will recognize from the HoB/HoD list.

Thinking Anglicans, which I assume everyone visits regularly. I consider it the best resource for Anglican news in the blogosphere.

I'll be posting from Columbus, probably at the end of each day, so check Jake's place as well.

From the conservative perspective;

CaNNet's GenCon06 Blog. The content in the body may not be too appealing, but the links on the left provide us with some good resources, especially the "Live Blogger II" category.

titusonenine. Kendall Harmon offers lots of news, often with a conservative slant, but is worth watching as he has good sources and is sometimes the first to post on items of interest. My advice is to avoid the comments, however.

Ok, what did I miss? Let's expand this resource list.


UPDATE: Tom has pointed us to another blog to watch...
The Oasis California News Blog.

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