Thursday, June 15, 2006

Contributing to the People's Revolution

From the Washington Times:

The battle of the blogs is in full swing at the Episcopal General Convention meeting in Columbus, Ohio..."It's a whole different game now," said a Canadian clergyman operating one of the sites. "It's 'The people's revolution hits the ground"... Local blogs include Daily Episcopalian (, operated by Diocese of Washington spokesman Jim Naughton, and Baby Blue Online (, written by Mary Ailes, a vestrywoman at Truro Episcopal Church in Fairfax...

...There's also Preludium, posted on by the Rev. Mark Harris, an Episcopal priest from Delaware; In a Godward Direction, posted at by Bronx cleric Rev. Tobias Haller; and An Inch at a Time, posted at by the Rev. Susan Russell, president of the homosexual caucus Integrity...

...Things got so heated in cyberspace last week that the Very Rev. Paul Zahl, dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, criticized the "character assassination" by liberal and conservative blogs in an essay on the titusonenine site.

"People are saying and implying things, without substantiation or information, about personalities," he wrote, "and this comes under an old category: libel."

That entry was shot down by one "Father Jake," a New Jersey priest who posts at Pointing out that the dean recently linked the prospect of Episcopalians electing a second homosexual bishop to a terrorist bomb, "I think he needs to begin by cleaning up his own house," wrote the priest, who does not give his full name.
The media is turning to the blogs for news. We're part of "the people's revolution." Imagine that. This is becoming fun.


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