Friday, June 16, 2006

Bishops Adopt Covenant Development

The House of Bishops have adopted A166 (found in its amended form here) and has sent it on to the House of Deputies.

There is hope that the Deputies will defeat this resolution, even with the amendments that add the language of "separate" and "autonomous." The concept of a Covenant is troublesome in and of itself, but beyond that, when we keep in mind that we are the only Province considering this, meaning that the process we describe by such a resolution will have to be affirmed by the other Provinces, there seems to be a slim chance that such a resolution will have any long-term value, beyond agreeing in the building of new and higher fences around the Church.

There is some speculation that the House of Bishops doesn't really care for this process either, and is anticipating that the Deputies will be the ones to shoot it down. If such is the case, I pray we accomodate them.


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