Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bp. Jefferts Schori Interview

Renee provides us with a transcript of part of Diane Rehm's interview of Bp. Katharine Jefferts Schori.

In response to the question if it would not have been preferable to come out of convention with no formal response to the Windsor Report, Bp. Jefferts Schori offered the following:

Well, in my personal viewpoint, if we were only dealing with the Episcopal Church, perhaps so. It would certainly make me more comfortable in relationships with gay and lesbian Christians in this church. But the reality is that we're part of a larger body. If we're at the table, if we're able to continue this conversation, we retain the ability to "converse with and convert", as the current Presiding Bishop is fond of saying, those others at the table. We retain the ability to advocate for basic civil rights for gay and lesbian people, where they are threatened across the Communion. I note that Nigeria has recently passed laws that not only criminalize same-sex activity but also criminalize speaking about it. I think that this church has something to say to that.
I really want to give our Presiding Bishop Elect the benefit of the doubt. I really do. But the way things played out last Wednesday, and her role in that drama, continues to trouble me.

Bp. Jefferts Schori is going to have some difficult years ahead of her. She is going to need our support. What say you; can we accept this explanation and move on?


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