Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Setting Up Camp Columbus

The pony did well until West Virginia, when she developed a serious miss in one cylinder. I suspect a plug or plug wire. So, I'll be getting greasy this week. Sure not going to let a local get his hands on her (especially with NJ plates). The new memory stick for the camera isn't working. The internet connection at the hotel is really bad...off again, on again. Ok, enough whining...

The Exhibit Hall is absolutely amazing. It seems to be where most of the folks congregate, when not in sessions. I think every organization and church supply company has a booth.
I ran into Dylan Breuer at The Witness booth. Dylan and I have worked on a couple of things together, but this is the first time we've met in person. I had to whisper, "Dylan, it's Jake!" Heh. She is as lively in person as she is online. I'm looking forward to more conversations over the next days.

I also bumped into a seminary classmate, Jason Samuel, who is now Vicar of the Church of the Transfiguration in Lake St. Louis, MO. I haven't seen Jason for about 16 years. It was good to catch up. Jason would be comfortable here at Jake's place. So, for those keeping score, that makes at least two Nashotah House graduates who are progressive. Don't be too quick to put us all in the same box; some of us learned how to crawl out.

As I was checking in to the hotel, Prior Aelred came walking in. I didn't have the camera ready, but I'll try to catch up with him another time this week.

As far as the business of Convention, I have no idea what is going on...sorry. I saw a few bishops I recognized, and George Werner was all over the place, with a young man with a video camera following him everywhere he went. Don't know what's up with that. There were a couple of groups of men in clericals engaged in some serious conversation, but they didn't look exactly approachable, so I steered clear. The overall feeling, in public at least, was much more that of a state fair, rather than a gathering to make some serious decisions. But, hey, I'm a newbie...maybe the fair ambiance is the norm?

Tonight is the U2charist at the Renaissance Hotel. Need get cleaned up, find some food, and head over there.

Oh, almost forgot...the "I am a Witness" pins made it to Columbus as well.


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