Friday, June 16, 2006

Bishops Amend A159 and Send It Back to Deputies

The resolution affirming our relationship with the Anglican Communion, A159, which was adopted by the Deputies yesterday, has been amended by the House of Bishops, who inserted the term "autonomous" (which, ironically, was one of the proposed amendments voted down by the Deputies yesterday).

Most likely the deputies will further amend A166 (Covenant), and send it back to the Bishops.

I'm not sure it is being consciously done, but it's beginning to look like both Houses are hesitant to vote down any of the 11 Windsor resolutions (A159 - A169), but will continue to amend them to death, literally. It's already Thursday, and so far they have only tackled two, and it could be argued the easiest of the 11, and they seem unable to get a consensus on them. I don't see how they are all going to be resolved by Wednesday (which will not necessarily be a bad thing).


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