Monday, June 12, 2006

Mark Harris: The Stirrings in Columbus

From Preludium:

...On the resolutions related to the Windsor Report: The stirrings and mutterings are many, but some things stand out on this first day:

As was said at the Integrity meeting Sunday night, it is unfair to put the future of the Anglican Communion on the back of Gay and Lesbian members of this church. So in that sense, the Windsor Report which claims to be about communion has become the instrument of blame regarding brokenness and the Lesbian and Gay community is asked to bear the burden. But brokenness is much greater than, and in longer duration than, the matters that take up so much of our time these days. There is an unfairness to the whole thing and an unwillingness to face the reality in the face: namely, that the Episcopal Church has indeed a spiritual thirst, one met in change that has not been easy either for its friends worldwide or for itself. But we drink from deep wells.

The wish that the Episcopal Church, by way of the General Convention, will repent is being received very poorly, and unless some new language is put forward, resolutions calling for repentance will be defeated on the floor, if not before in committee. The repentance card has been overplayed. In a deeper sense, however, most people here acknowledge that repentance is a core Christian behavior. But there remains the question, repentance for what? And if there is other language that can be used, what is it?

Around the whole of the Windsor Report materials, there seems to be a sense of exhaustion – that we have about talked out all the options, opinions, theologies, ect, and that we need to do what we can to perfect or dismiss the various resolutions, vote them up or down, and simply get on with being the church we are.

The stirrings around are that there is a strongly felt desire to continue as part of the Anglican Communion but that it is not the only reality to be dealt with. In the end the bishops and deputies are called to vote on the matters at hand and the rest of the Anglican Communion will do as they will...

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