Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Curious Absence

Yesterday morning, General Convention offered a Eucharist which included the ingathering of the United Thank Offering. This is a prominent event at Convention.

Representatives from each diocese were called by name to come forward and present their UTO offering. I found it curious that when two dioceses were called, Fort Worth and Dallas, no one came forward.

Later in the day, I was told that the extremists had held an "alternative" Eucharist of their own at 11:00 at the Arena, which is near the Convention Center. I cannot confirm this, but I strongly suspect that it is true.

What we do know is that on at least one occasion, the extremists did indeed hold an "alternative" Eucharist at the Nationwide Arena, with Bp. Beckworth of Springfield presiding. In that case, it was offered at the same time as the Integrity sponsored Eucharist at Trinity.

But, if they are providing "alternative" Eucharists at the same time as the scheduled worship of Convention, that is quite a different matter. One must assume that such secret gatherings are occuring, as it was made clear that some of the extremists would shun the tainted gifts offered by the Episcopal Church.

If anyone wants to refute my assertion that clandestine Eucharists are being held in Columbus, I'll certainly be willing to listen, and retract my words if ample evidence to the contrary is offered.

Why does it matter? Because it reveals that the extremists who are testifying at hearings and speaking at Convention are engaging in double talk. If they cannot even bring themselves to break bread with their supposed brothers and sisters in Christ, it is quite obvious that they are saying that they have no need of us. They have no desire for reconciliation. The game plan has not changed. The goal remains nothing less than the destruction of the Episcopal Church, with a new Province established to take her place.

Yet the extremists at Convention are accusing TEC of a lack of "honesty" and "clarity," while they cloak their real motives and spread the ugliest of lies about the leadership of TEC.

Let's strive for clarity here. When General Convention is over, Gene Robinson will still be a bishop. No one, including the Windsor Report, the Primates, or the Archbishop of Canterbury have suggested that removing Gene was even a consideration. Yet, this is the only thing that will satisfy the extremists, which is quite clear if one even gives a cursory reading of their conversations.

The Telegraph recently reported that at least three dioceses are ready to bolt, regardless of what is done at General Convention. The plan has not changed.

We need to keep our eyes wide open, and recognize what kind of people we are struggling with. If our communion is too contaminated for them to stomache, I would suggest that our committees, appointments, and all postions of leadership should also not be made available to them.


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