Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Invitations for CANA and AMiA

From the Living Church:

...The Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns, Bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) and the Rt. Rev. Charles Murphy and his suffragans, the bishops of the Anglican Mission in North America (AMiA) will not receive invitations either, the conference organizers said...

...The bishops of the AMiA would not be invited to Lambeth because of the decision taken by Archbishop George Carey in 2000. Archbishop Carey “wrote to them saying he could not recognize their ministry” and that their “consecrations were irregular,” Canon Kearon explained. This decision was “confirmed at Oporto” by the primates in 2000, and the “decision was already fixed” by Archbishop Williams’ predecessor.

The case of CANA Bishop Martyn Minns exhibits “no difference” from the AMiA and he falls into the same category, Canon Kearon said.
Keep this in mind the next time someone tries to tell you that CANA is a viable Anglican option.

The article also clears up another point:

...Invitations to two other diocesan bishops, including the Bishop of Harare, Zimbabwe, the Rt. Rev. Nolbert Kunonga, have been held pending further “consultation,” said Canon Kearon...
Apparently, these are the "one or two" invitations that Dr. Williams was referring to in his letter. It appears the decison regarding Bps. Robinson and Minns has been made.


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