Friday, May 04, 2007

Canterbury Asks Nigeria to Cancel Trip

From The Lead:

...Lambeth Palace today confirmed the Archbishop of Canterbury has written to the African Primate asking him to cancel his trip to Virginia to carry out the service. A spokesman for Dr Rowan Williams confirmed a letter had been sent to the Archbishop of Nigeria...
This is the third warning issued to Abp. Akinola. It sounds to me as if there's going to be some serious consequences if he chooses to ignore them.


UPDATE: Episcopal Life is now reporting this story, and includes this quote:

...Anglican Communion communications director Canon James M. Rosenthal confirmed that Williams' letter had been sent to Akinola. "Many people have noted that such an action would exacerbate a situation that is already tense," Rosenthal said, "especially as we look forward to the September 30 deadline outlined by the Primates at their meeting in Tanzania and the Archbishop of Canterbury's planned visit to the House of Bishops."

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