Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Andrew Brown: "There is no Communion"

Thinking Anglicans points us to an article by Andrew Brown:

None of the Sunday papers seem to have noticed it, but the Anglican communion ended on Saturday. There was even a church service to mark the occasion, held in a non-denominational chapel for hire in Virginia, USA, where the Archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, installed an Englishman, Bishop Martyn Minns, as his representative in north America...

...The number of primates supporting Akinola has steadily diminished from 22 to about eight. Even among the American conservatives, it is only a minority who are prepared to join up with him and his new enterprise. Installing Bishop Minns may prove to be the moment when he decisively over-reaches himself. Even if it does not, it is decisive for Dr Williams, too. Nothing that he now does or says can be justified on the basis that it preserves the unity of the Anglican communion. That unity has now been shattered. There is no communion, and no good reason for anyone to pretend otherwise.
Maybe the papers missed it, Andrew, but we noticed.

All together now...We were singing, bye-bye, bitter Anglican pie...


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