Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fire Strikes St. James, Albion, MI

Note: the following entry is offered by a guest blogger, JCF, who most of you will recognize as a regular commenter here at Jake's place.


Greetings in Christ, 'Jake-rs'.

This is JCF, your longtime pal. While I was out of state (visiting my very ill mother), back home in Michigan, my beloved parish St. James Episcopal in Albion, suffered a very destructive fire (local paper coverage is here).

Please PRAY FOR US, as we learn the professionals' reviews on the damage, and make important decisions about our parish's future. And if you feel moved in your hearts to help out an Episcopal parish (in economically-strapped *Michigan*) in NEED, you may send a financial contribution, of any size, to:

St. James Church Restoration Account
St. James Episcopal Church
119 W. Erie Street
Albion, MI 49224

Peace o' Christ to all, and thanks!


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