Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caption Contest

My eagle-eyed observers noted this unusual picture from last Saturday's festivities in Virginia.

We have Abp. Akinola, Primate of All Nigeria, embracing Bp. Martyn Minns of CANA. In Bp. Minn's hand is a banana creme pie.

Offer a caption for this photo. The winner will be able to choose a link to any site to be highlighted on the sidebar of Jake's place for the next two weeks. The judges, if they choose to serve, will be LPR, JCF and myself.

"G" rated captions would be preferred, of course. Have fun.


First Place, from IT - Bp. Martyn Minns and Abp. Peter Akinola exchange the kiss of pies.

Second Place, from Dennis - "While you are over here, Pete, would you mind dropping this off in Colorado?"

The links of their choice will soon appear on the sidebar. Thanks to all who offered us a chance to share a chuckle or two.

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