Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Virginia Lawsuit Game

From the Charlottsville Daily Press:

An obscure Virginia law from the Civil War era might play a deciding role in whether two of the Episcopal Church's largest and most prominent congregations will be permitted to leave the flock amid a standoff over sexual morality and other theological issues.

A two-week trial began Tuesday in Fairfax County Circuit Court that will determine whether the 1867 law governs the dispute between 11 Virginia congregations that voted to leave the church and Episcopal leaders who reject the validity of those votes...
This has prompted Pisco Sours to propose The Episcopal Lawsuit Drinking Game:

When an opinion in In re Multi-Circuit Episcopal Church Property Litigation comes in, go to your conservative Anglican blog of choice and read through the comments dealing with the decision. (Conservatives, feel free to come up with your own drinking game to play should TEC and the Diocese of Virginia lose.) With your favorite Tasty Beverage in hand, drink at the following mentions or events:

  • “Activist judge[s]”: 1 drink.

  • “You [have] hit the nail on the [proverbial] head!”: 1 drink for the first 5 mentions in a single thread. 2 drinks thereafter.

  • “Mrs. Schori”, “Vicki Gene”, or anything involving squid: 1 drink...

  • Commenter states he will take up his sword: 1 drink.

  • Commenter states he will load his gun: 2 drink.

  • Commenter states he will take a weapon and go after a specific person: sober up and call the authorities...
  • Another option is to donate $1 per drink to TEC’s legal defense fund.

    Go visit ePiscoSours and propose your own "rules" for this game.


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