Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guess the Date of Depositions

Now that the destination of Bbs. Iker, Schofield and Duncan has been made public, it may be appropriate to review what will happen next:

...If the Presiding Bishop were to present materials to the Review Committee regarding potential abandonment by the bishops in question, and if the Committee were to agree that abandonment had taken place, the bishops would have two months to recant their positions. If they failed to do so, the matter would go to the full House of Bishops.

If the House concurred, the Presiding Bishop would depose the bishops and declare the episcopates of those dioceses vacant. Those remaining in the Episcopal Church would be gathered to organize a new diocesan convention and elect a replacement Standing Committee, if necessary...
There is little doubt that there is already enough evidence to depose these three bishops. Now it is simply a matter of time until the slow wheels of ecclesiastical discipline roll forward.

While we wait, I propose that we hold a contest. I'll ask a question. The one who comes closest to answering it correctly will win a prize. Here's the question:

On what date will one or all of these bishops will be deposed?

Please give month, day and year.

Do keep in mind that the question is when the depositions will be officially announced...when the see will be declared vacant.

As described by the Episcopal Life article, that will require a review of the Title IV Committee, two months for the bishops to recant, and then a vote of the entire House of Bishops.

The prize will be one of the t-shirts pictured at the right (thanks to MadPriest for pointing the shirts out to me some months ago).

Let the game begin.


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