Saturday, November 03, 2007

A New Low for Stand Firm

From the Stand Firm manager, the "pistol packing" Greg Griffith:

Just when you think Episcopalians can't embarrass you any more, something like this happens: Yet another San Francisco march against something-or-other, in which The Rev. Barbara Harris appeared wearing this stole...

...What's the problem?

The problem is that the stole is a take-off on the kaffiyeh with the trademark pattern of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. It was sported by Yassir Arafat, and more recently by Hugo Chavez as a show of support for Hamas...

...Barbara Harris, you have reached a new disgusting low. You have taken a sacred Christian garment and defiled it with the symbol of murderous Islamic thugs. Presentment and defrocking would be too good for you. I'll restrain myself from describing what I think an appropriate punishment would be, but it would start with shipping you to Gaza or the West Bank and seeing how things go for a woman who tries to preach the Christian faith.

I'd be very interested to hear from the rest of the Episcopal left about what they think of this.
Since you asked...

1. Did you verify who this is in this picture? Or is this just another one of your random attacks in which the facts are of little importance? Personally, I see little resemblance in the two pictures you offer as "evidence." But, even if you are correct, did you bother to find out the story of the scarf? Did you check to see if Bp. Harris does indeed support Hamas? Or did you just leap to make your point without any consideration of the possible damage you might cause to someone's reputation?

2. Are you assuming that the only "Christian" response is to side with Israel against the Palestinians? If so, you are mistaken. The only difference I see between the violence committed by both sides is that the Israelis use state-sponsored terrorism. Or are you going to suggest that the Israeli army has killed no innocent Palestinians?

Hamas is officially listed as a terrorist organization by Canada,the European Union, Israel, Japan, and the United States. However, Hamas was voted in by free elections in Palestine, at which time they declared the end of suicide bombers. That's the problem with democracy; sometimes it is not the good guys who get elected (a similar example of this problem exists in the US, from my perspective).

To support the plight of Palestinians is a valid Christian response to the tensions in the Middle East, as is support for those who suffer in Israel. Both are victims of violence.

Personally, I would not choose to support Hamas, due to their history of targeting innocent civilians. But, I cannot support the Israeli army for the same reason.

Greg, you have reached a new disgusting low with your harsh words to Bishop Harris, based on little evidence. You have once again defamed a person that you obviously know little about to make a political point.

Sadly, I am not surprised, however, in light of some of your other more recent postings.

Folks, keep this in mind the next time someone offers you "news" from Stand Firm. This is just one among many examples that should make it clear that as long as that site is managed by Greg Griffith, it can no longer be considered a reputable source for information.


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