Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What is Truth?

From the BBC (and elsewhere):

...Mr Bush suffered "minor abrasions and scratches" during the fall, Trent Duffy told reporters.

He was wearing a bike helmet and mouth guard, he said.

"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," Mr Duffy said...
The weather report for his ranch tells us there hasn't been any rain since May 14. Sunny and warm for over a week.

Why lie over such a small thing? Why not just say he fell? Is it that difficult to admit to making a mistake? I would never wish such is mishap on anyone, but the lack of honesty regarding a little spill on his bike does give rise in my mind to the quip offered by Kerry, "Did he take the training wheels off?"

Such a lack of honesty in little things makes me wonder about the honesty of this administration in regards to bigger things.

The "slip" made by John Kerry a few months ago, when he thought his microphone was off, may prove to be closer to the truth than anything we're hearing from the White House of late; a gang who were described by Senator Kerry as "the most crooked, you know, lying group I have ever seen."

All of which made last night's speech a little dull, seeing as I simply did not believe in the sincerity of the speaker any more. Who writes these speeches? It sure could have used a little color. How about some stories about real people? How about some emotion about the lives that have been lost because of the mistakes that have been made?

Oh...I forgot. This administration doesn't make mistakes.

I did find the anticipation of hearing yet another novel way to pronounce Abu Ghraib rather riveting. I'm sure there is an explanation for that. It couldn't have been a...gasp...mistake? Maybe all the various dialects of the Middle East were being used as an attempt to be inclusive?


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