Saturday, May 08, 2004

Putting the Lid On Too Late?

Electrolite informs us that it appears the military may have ordered KBR (Kellogg, Brown, & Root, a division of Halliburton, of course), who provides net access for US troops in Iraq, to cut off all “inessential” access to email and the net for the next 90 days.

Could it be they don't want news of what's happening on the home front to get in, and further reports of what is going on in Iraq to get out?

If they want to control "stories told out of school," then they had better figure out how to gag troops returning to the states. Because they are talking, and it ain't pretty;

'It is a common thing to abuse prisoners,' said Sgt. Mike Sindar, 25, of the Army National Guard's 870th Military Police Company based in the San Francisco Bay area. 'I saw beatings all the time... A lot of people had so much pent-up anger, so much aggression...It was not just these six people...Yes, the beatings happen, yes, all the time...'

...Until earlier this year prisoners would arrive at Abu Ghraib with broken bones, suggesting they had been roughed up, he said. But the practice ended in January or February, as practices at the prison were coming under increased internal scrutiny...

...Some say investigators went out of their way to keep the allegations under wraps. When military investigators were looking into abuses several months ago, they gave U.S. guards a week's notice before inspecting their possessions, several soldiers said.

"That shows you how lax they are about discipline. 'We are going to look for contraband in here, so hint, hint, get rid of the stuff,' that's the way things work in the Guard,'' Leal said.
Anyone else interested in revisiting The Kucinich Plan to bring our troops home?


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