Monday, May 17, 2004

Telling Stories

Demi shared a couple of excellent stories over on Islamicate;

...There is too much negative energy in the world right now. We need to remember that in all religions and cultures there are good people...even the "bad" people are good people in bad circumstances. Perhaps if I were put to that kind of test, I would react similiarly. I don't know. So we pray "subject us not to the trial" ("lead us not into temptation"). But the trials and tests do come, and sometimes we don't respond well to them.

But there are good people in the world... I am posting these two stories so that I can remember, and others can hear, too...
Go read the stories. Start telling your own. There are more trials and tests to come. If we are to respond faithfully, we need to listen more closely to one another.


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