Friday, May 07, 2004

The Spin Doctors

I made the mistake of turning on the TV last night. I really have no intention of turning Jake's place into a warblog, but some of the spin coming out now is simply outrageous.

I'll just note a couple that had me shouting at the fool tube;

The outrage and indignation from this administration is supposed to lead us to believe they didn't know about what was going on in Abu Ghraib. According to the Red Cross, Washington was warned a year ago about prisoner abuse. I suppose one can spin this with some wild story of why the Swiss might not be impartial, but I won't buy it. Washington knew, and chose to ignore it. Why? Because this is war, and ugly things are always done in time of war. As long as the "little people" don't find out, carry on. Guess what? We found out. And now we are outraged that you, our leaders, did nothing to stop it.

Some politician kept insisting that "this is only about six soldiers." Give me a break. There are 35 investigations regarding prisoner abuses among the Americans alone. Not to mention the accusations of British torture. Or the 12 murders being investigated. Or the targeting of civilians by Marines and regular Army. We have created a military monster, and the world is watching this monster run amuck.

Since it was the torture of prisoners that brought this monster of our own creation to light, how about demanding the dismantling of another ugly creation of the army; described by Amnesty International as "the human rights scandal of Guantanamo Bay." For two years, 650 people have been held as prisoners, with no trial. Who knows what kind of abuses, tortures and murders have been going on there. The "strategic location" does not make it a place of easy access for the press or human rights watchers, let alone visits from family members. I encourage you to support the Guantanamo Human Rights Commission, whose long term objective is to achieve an end to all forms of internment without trial.

A final note to those with a medical condition that requires them to avoid situations that might cause their blood pressure to rise; watch the spin doctors at your own risk. You have been warned!


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