Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uganda World Prayer Day

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a nasty piece of work which would make the death penalty the sentence for some homosexual acts.

Anglicans have been urged to condemn this bill, but so far there has been silence from Canterbury and York. The Anglican Church of Uganda backpedaled just a little from their normal strident homphobic stance, suggesting that the death penalty may be a bit much (you think?). But not a word from Henry Orombi, which I suppose isn't a big surprise, considering his past performance when confronted with the suffering and torture of gay and lesbian Ugandans.

If our leaders won't respond, perhaps we can. First of all, today you are invited to join in the Uganda World Prayer Day. Since some of you may not be into Facebook, I'll post the instructions:

We know that there are many of you in this group who are not religious, and we are not asking you to do something you are not comfortable with. But for those who do have a faith tradition we ask that on Tuesday November 17th, you take at least 30 minutes to pray for the following:

1. That Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 would be withdrawn;

2. For protection and peace for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters living in this oppression in Uganda and around the world; and

3. That the Ugandan Church realize this legislation is not morally or Scripturally correct - as there has been disturbing news recently coming from some of my contacts in Uganda and Parliment that the Ugandan Church is starting to make official statements in favor of this bill. I will be posting those as soon as they are official.

Other matters of prayer relating to Uganda can be suggested to Andrew Marin and/or added to the wall.
The hosting group for this event offers us some information for contacting those involved in promoting this bill. Once again, its on Facebook, so I'll reproduce it here:

...We call on the Facebook community to join in opposition to this bill and to contact the various stakeholders named below to express your views.

Contacts to express one's views about Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009:

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
State House Nakasero
email: info@statehouse.go.ug

Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi
email: ps@opm.go.ug

Speaker of the Parliament
Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuka
email: speaker@parliament.go.ug

Minister of Gender, Labour, and Social Affairs Honorable Opio Gabriel
email: ps@mglsd.go.ug

Chair of the Uganda Human Rights Commission
Med Kaggwa
email: uhrc@uhrc.ug

Directorate for Ethics and Integrity
email: info@dei.go.ug

Chair of the Uganda Diplomatic Human Rights Working Groups
Mathisen Gørild
email: gorild.mathisen@mfa.no

Please also send a copy to:
Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda Embassy of the United States of America
Jerry P. Lanier
email: kampalawebcontact@state.gov

Christian pastors in Uganda:
Martin Ssempa

Stephen Langa
Let us pray:

Look with pity, O heavenly Father, upon the people in every land who live with injustice, terror, disease and death as their constant companions. Have mercy upon us. Help us to eliminate our cruelty to these our neighbors. Strengthen those who spend their lives establishing equal protection of the law and equal opportunities for all. And grant that every one of us may enjoy a fair portion of the riches of this world, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

UPDATE: Thinking Anglicans points us to a resolution passed by the Anglican Church of Canada’s Council of General Synod:

COGS passed a resolution that expressed its dismay and concern over the draft proposed anti-homosexuality bill currently before the parliament of Uganda. COGS resolved to call upon the church of the province of Uganda to oppose this private member's bill, and called upon the Government of Canada, through the Minister of External Affairs, to convey to the government of Uganda a deep sense of alarm about this fundamental violation of human rights and through diplomatic channels, to press for its withdrawal; and asked the Primate to send this message to the appropriate bodies.
The Canadians continue to impress me.

Now, who will be next to speak up? Canterbury? New York? Anyone? Anyone?

FURTHER UPDATE: Ekklesia is offering an online petition which demands that all Christian leaders, and specifically Dr. Williams, oppose this legislation.

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