Friday, June 06, 2008

Dr. Jensen and the Bible

Dr. Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney, is one of the main voices behind GAFCON, which is a gathering of conservatives for an "alternative Lambeth Conference." Some are suggesting that a new Communion, with lines drawn by morality standards rather than geography, will emerge from this Conference.

The Mad One points us to Dr. Jensen's recent statement for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald:

...Archbishop Jensen is one of the leaders of 1000 conservative churchmen from 17 Anglican provinces who will gather at the Jerusalem Global Anglican Futures Conference this month. Mainly from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, they are united on one principal issue: hostility to homosexuality.

But Archbishop Jensen argues: "This dispute is not really about homosexuality. It's really about authority and who runs the church. And fairly clearly, to most of the rest of us, God runs the church through the Bible"...
Did you get that? The current unpleasantness is not about a fear of gay cooties. It is about defending the notion that God runs the church through the bible. Well, imagine that.

What Dr. Jensen doesn't mention, however, is that it appears that there are only certain parts of the bible that God uses to "run the church." To understand what I'm getting at, I present you an oldie but goldie that Dan pointed to on Wednesday (two days before Dr. Jensen's recent words were published I might add...a timely reminder, Dan!):

Now you'll have to excuse me. I've got a disobedient son that I need to stone to death.


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