Monday, June 09, 2008

Abp. Akinola: The Church is Infested by Inclusiveness and Multiculturalism

On May 17, Abp. Peter Akinola of Nigeria was the commencement speaker at Trinity (Episcopal) School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania (in the Diocese of Pittsburgh). Here is part of his message:
..Here, you live in a community of faith. But out there, secularisation of society has led to the consignment of the Christian faith and practice to the background. What is left of the Church is infested by such new phenomena as “inclusiveness” here in the USA, and in the UK we hear of multi- culturalism. Championed by certain sections of the Church’s leadership who have been conditioned by the clamour for political correctness, both are said to be an attempt to accommodate all shades of opinion and practice in the church.

The consequences are grave. We end up with what looks like Church but in reality is not...
How can he claim that "inclusiveness" and "multiculturalism" are bad things? You must understand that these are code words. His aversion to inclusiveness is code for his desire to exclude gay Christians from the Church. His attack on multiculturalism is rooted in his insistence that Muslims are not worthy of dignity and respect.

His actions reveal that his unusual mindset are expressed in more than mere words:

To combat "inclusion," Abp. Akinola's solution is to send all gay Christians to prison.

To lead the fight against "multiculturalism," Abp. Akinola has adovacted for violence against Muslims.

An Anglican Archbishop champions exclusivity and cultural dominance in the name of Christ.

 The consequences are grave. We end up with what looks like Christianity but in reality is not.


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