Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Are You an Episcopalian?

As some of you may have noticed, Jake's place is still recovering from a rather severe crash, due to my own incompetence. It's up and functioning again, but unfortunately I'll have to manually restore some segments of the former site over the next few days.

To keep us distracted from the mess and commotion of this reconstruction job, I'm going to suggest we respond to some questions Beryl has asked in the comments:
I love the Episcopal Church for so many reasons, and will defend her and do what I can to preserve her, mere human that I am, in the Diocese of San Joaquin. Have you thought about why you are drawn to the Epsicopal Church? Why were you drawn to the Episcopal Church? What is it about the Episcopal Church that you would commend her and recommend her to others?
If I may, I'll sort those out into categories of past, present and future:

1. What initially drew you to the Episcopal Church?

2. What are some of your current reasons for remaining in the Episcopal Church?

3. When you recommend the Episcopal Church to others, what are some of the aspects of our common life that you mention?

There you go. That should keep the conversation going for awhile. Now excuse me; I've got some stray xml code to hunt down.


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