Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Episcopal Church and the Great Commission

The "Why are you an Episcopalian?" post has already drawn over 100 responses. Thanks to all were willing to share a bit of their faith journey with us. If you haven't yet answered the questions, there's still time. I imagine that is one thread that some of us will return to read again many times.

A few folks requested that Grace's comment be lifted out of that thread for further consideration. For those who might be fairly new visitors, let me simply say that Grace has been hanging around Jake's place for a few years now. Sometimes she disagrees with the majority, and has received many strident responses, as you can imagine. We can be a rowdy crowd at times. But Grace didn't give up on us, and just kept coming back. She has lived up to her name, and has become a respected member of this community. Her questions and responses to others are always sincere. There are no games being played. So I ask that we all show the same grace and respect in our responses to her thoughts about the Episcopal Church. Here they are:

Well, I'm actually trying to decide between the Piskies and the Presbys right now.

I actually agree with the witness of the book of common prayer, and can pretty much give consent to the 39 articles.

I'm moved by the beauty of the liturgy, and am very convicted concerning the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It all speaks to me.

I like that Anglicanism is a "big tent." It can encompass folks that are Calvinists as well as Anglo-Catholics. It's inclusive of GLBT people, at least more so than most denominations.

Even the government of the Episcopal church seems biblical and right on to me.

But, on the down side, I'm not really progressive theologically, but orthodox, and feel strongly concerning evangelical outreach, and the priority of the great commission. I would see everyone in the world converted to Jesus Christ. I'm not sure TEC is really there in some of these deeper issues that matter to me.

Would it be the best fit for me? I'm not sure. Would appreciate everyone's prayers.



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