Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mark Harris: "Caution, May Contain Poison"

Mark has had enough of a certain conservative crowd:

...Statements suggesting that the Presiding Bishop is not a Christian or that the staff at 815 are guided by reading Hitler's Mein Kampf are mean spirited and poisonous.

So in addition to being tired of the feigned outrage of the Network bishops, unmoved by the demands for Windsor compliance, it seems to me Stand Firm must be read with a warning label, "Caution, may contain poison." Future references to Stand Firm articles (and I admit I will have to make such references) will be accompanied, when I feel it necessary to warn readers, by this label...
Go read the whole thing, which includes a few examples of the violent rhetoric used regularly by that crowd.

You may want to note that these are not isolated incidents. Here is just one example from last year of what passes for "civil discourse" on that particular site. The latest examples, in articles in which the most civil descriptions of victims of violence is to refer to them as "liars" and "frauds," can be found here and here.

As Mark has said, read this stuff with caution. It is indeed poisonous.


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