Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who Will Be Our Witness?

From Bishop Marc Andrus of California:

...Immediately after the Windsor Report was released, I and other bishops pledged to Gene that we would not attend the Lambeth Conference if he were not invited, as a stand of solidarity with him.

For some time now Gene has stated that he thinks all The Episcopal Church bishops should attend, so that as many voices can be at the table as possible. I have accepted this as wise and good counsel.

At the same time, it seems imperative to me that I find some creative way to attend that does not seem to support Gene’s exclusion by silent acquiescence on my part. One solution that is being acted upon is being called “Witness at Lambeth.”

Witness at Lambeth is a piece of the listening process called for from the 1998 Lambeth Conference forward. It involves bringing the voices of LGBT people from around the Communion to Lambeth so they can tell their life stories to all who will listen. Some of these stories will be narrated in person, while others will be on videotape. I think it will be a moving, important witness, and I hope many will support the effort.

Also, I have come back from this most recent House of Bishops meeting resolved to have a consultation here in the Diocese of California about other ways witness can be carried out at the Lambeth Conference. I want to receive the creative thoughts and dreams of our people in patterning my and our participation in the Lambeth Conference.
Let me know if you hear more about the "Witness at Lambeth" initiative. It sounds like something we will want to support.

Thank you, Bp. Andrus. And thanks to Mary Beth for bringing this to our attention.

So, we have one "Witness at Lambeth." Which member of the House of Bishops will be next? Step right up; your people await your expressions of leadership.


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