Wednesday, February 27, 2008

San Joaquin in Violation of Southern Cone's Constitution and Canons

Thinking Anglicans points us to an interesting article by Steve Waring in the Living Church. It appears that the newly formed Southern Cone Diocese of San Joaquin broke the rules of the constitution and canons of that Province when it came into being.

From Article 2 of the Southern Cone's Constitution:

The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone, which shall henceforth be called The Province, is composed of the Anglican Dioceses that exist or which may be formed in the Republics of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay and which voluntary declare themselves as integral Diocesan members of the Province.
Article 4 allows the constitution to be amended, as would seem necessary if the Southern Cone intends to continue its expansion into the United States and Canada. But there's a catch; Article 4.3 stipulates that any changes must be submitted to the Anglican Consultative Council.

Since the Southern Cone has had over a year to consider their recent expansionist plans, why did they not submit such plans to the ACC? They claim it was because of "the nature of the emergency." It seems to me the more likely reason is because the Southern Cone was aware that any plan to establish dioceses in places where a diocese that is part of the Anglican Communion already exists would be rejected by the ACC.

Waring also points us to the Southern Cone's Canon 2.3:

2.3 Resignation of Bishops
2.3.1 Resignation due to age. A Bishop may resign upon reaching 65 years of age, but should definitely retire by 68 years of age.
Bishop Schofield will turn 70 in October.

Bp. Schofield claims that Presiding Bishop Gregory Venables has the authority to extend his time in office beyond the mandatory retirement age of 68. Such authority is not mentioned in the Southern Cone's canons.

Bp. Schofield will be deposed by the House of Bishops of TEC in a few weeks. He claims that such a deposition will have no effect, since he is now a member of the Southern Cone's House of Bishops. He may believe that to be true, but such a claim cannot be substantiated by the Constitution and Canons of the Province to which he has fled in an attempt to escape discipline from the Church which ordained him and consecrated him as a bishop.

It appears that the Southern Cone is making up the rules as they go along, and inviting others who are unhappy living under their current rules to join them in their expansionist escapades.

There's a word for those who despise all rules; anarchists. Perhaps this new group that is emergining from Argentina might consider a new name for themselves; the Anglican Anarchists.

This should not be confused with another group already using the acronym "AA," which is indeed a worthy organization that saves lives. I might suggest that these lawless Anglicans would greatly benefit from joining the existing AA. It could be helpful in exposing their "stinkin' thinkin'" and assist them in becoming comfortable in their own skin.


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