Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Represents the "Global South"?

A week ago, a statement was issued by a group calling themselves "The Global South Steering Committee." In it, they made statements such as "We in the Global South..." which appear to imply that they are the Anglican voice in that part of the world. No signatures were affixed to this statement, leading some to assume that it had been issued by all the members of the Global South Steering Committee. We were told that Abp. Orombi of Uganda, who is not a member, was also present for the meeting that issued this statement.

Now, a week later, we learn that three Primates, Abps. Malango, Venable and Gomez, were not present for the meeting. That means that this strong statement, intended by the authors to represent "We in the Global South," was the product of four Archbishops, Akinola, Chew, Anis and Kolini, and Archbishop Orombi, present as a guest.

Contrast this with the Walking to Emmaus consultation currently being held in Spain, at which five Global South Primates are present, and ten of twelve African Provinces are represented.

Let us not mistake those who shout the loudest to necessarily be the true voice of those they claim to represent.


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