Sunday, July 15, 2007

NYT Jumps the Shark

In one of the worst cases of shoddy reporting that I've seen in quite awhile, the New York Times ran this story about Ronald Boyer, a former porn star, who is supposedly preparing to become an Episcopal priest. As one who has his own colorful past, I would never suggest that anyone is beyond God's redemption. The problem I have with this article is that it is primarily a work of fiction. The reporter went for sensationalism and ignored the facts.

Jan Nunley of EpiScope contacted the Rev. Hank Mitchel, Mr. Boyer's rector, to do a little fact checking. It turns out that Boyer is not being trained for any type of ministry, including the diaconate, and has never met with Bp. Talton or Bp. Bruno to discuss such training.

If someone wants to criticize the Episcopal Church, I'd suggest they check their facts first, instead of basing their attack on sensational fiction created to sell papers. It really harms their integrity when they stand firm in their support of a fabrication. One might even call such a desperate tactic a case of bearing false witness.


UPDATE: Bp. Bruno writes to the NYT:

I would like to clear some factual errors in the article...

...Mr. Ronald Boyer is not in any process for ordination in The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles...

...The article stated that Mr. Boyer met “with the second-ranking official of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Bishop Suffragan Chester L. Talton, to gain approval to establish a ministry among sex workers.” In fact, Mr. Boyer has not met with any of the bishops of the Diocese...

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