Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Three Questions

Our discussion of Paul Stanley's Agreement to Disagree continues. There are currently 372 comments; a new record for Jake's place. For those who would rather not wade through all those words, please feel free to go read Paul's proposal, and leave your response on this thread.

Our discussion identified three questions that some felt might be worth pursuing:

1. What is it that you seek that would make it worthwhile to remain in TEC?

Note that this question is directed towards those who have considered leaving TEC in the last few years. This is not limited to conservatives, btw. We have seen a few progressives and moderates get fed up and consider leaving as well.

Also note that this question is not directed towards those who have already decided to leave. I am saddened that they have made that decision, but am willing to accept it. However, such a decision disqualifies them from participating in this discussion.

And finally, keep in mind that the question asks about remaining in the Episcopal Church. Remaining in the Anglican Communion is a different discussion.

2. Which matters do Progressives, Moderates and Conservatives in TEC hold in common?

Sarah Dylan Breuer asked a similar question last April. Take a moment to go read her list, and those added in the comments. Personally, I would include every item on Dylan's list.

3. What if anything would you regret (in what senses would you feel diminished) if all conservatives/liberals just left the church? Who or what would you miss?

So, there you go. Continue to discuss Paul's proposal, or respond to any of the above questions.


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