Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rumors of Schism

The Lead points us to a news item in the Telegragh:

A powerful coalition of conservative Anglican leaders is preparing to create a parallel Church for conservatives in America in defiance of the Archbishop of Canterbury, provoking the biggest split in Anglican history, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

According to sources, at least six primates are planning the consecration of a prominent American cleric as a bishop to minister to Americans who have rejected their liberal bishops over the issue of homosexuality...

...The initiative is understood to have been co-ordinated by senior African archbishops, including the Primate of Kenya, Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, who represent the core of the so-called Global South group of conservative primates.

But the group has a wider base and is also thought to include several relatively moderate primates from outside Africa...

...Insiders said the scheme was not being led by the maverick Global South leader, the Primate of Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola, who has already set up a similar "missionary" Church in America headed by Bishop Martyn Minns...

So much for hopeful optimism.

However, the support of 6 Primates out of 38 is certainly not a "powerful coalition". One can only speculate that the other 32 will not be too pleased by this move. If they get away with it in TEC, they might try it in their Province as well.

The Lead reminds us the Telegraph recently got it wrong. Since the story is not being heard anywhere else, at this point it is simply a rumor.


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