Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clarification: Kenya Follows Nigerian Model

The Living Church offers more information regarding the report in the Telegraph of a new breakaway group in North America.

Bill Atwood, who recently left the Episcoapl Church, will be consecrated as bishop by the Anglican Church of Kenya. The pattern follows quite closely that of Nigeria and CANA. The only addition is the claimed consultations with other Primates (who have not come forward yet) and the suggestion of some kind of coalition among these breakaway groups.

The Lead has the letter from the Archbishop of Kenya.

So now Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya are being allowed to consecrate bishops for North America, to better facilitate their pillaging of parishes. None of the entities will be recognized by Canterbury, of course, but I'm not sure that matters to them anymore. Any means, including invasions, to justify their ends; the expansion of their personal kingdoms, which more and more appear to have nothing to do with Anglicanism.

It appears once again that the Telegraph attempted to make much ado about nothing. Just another Primatial Pirate on the horizon, who has decided this is the time to unfurl his Jolly Roger. He condemns himself by his unethical behavior.


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