Friday, May 26, 2006

Louie Crew Interviews PB Nominees

The Witness has provided us with a set of interviews of the nominees for Presiding Bishop by Louie Crew, member of the Executive Council and compiler of some of the best resources to be found regarding the Episcopal Church.

The questions are quite revealing of the character of some of these nominees. A couple of quotes beg to be pulled out and highlighted:

From Bp. Alexander...

...For me it is about fundamental principles, the fundamental ideas. I really believe that there is a place at the table in the life of the Episcopal Church for absolutely everybody. When I say everybody, I really do mean everybody. The witness of my ministry, my personal history is clear. I believe the Church should be radically reflective of the hospitality of God. If one gives one's life to Christ and to the Church, then one gives up being able to pick your own friends. God picks them for you. That allows you to relax.
From Bp. Gulick...

...My diocese has been invaded by the Bishop of Bolivia, who has without my permission and against my direct wishes come in and ministered to a group of former Episcopalians in this diocese. I think it is simply wrong.

There are ways that people of good will and good conscience can accommodate each other's consciences, and I think the House of Bishops has been very clear about how to do that. I have certainly let the clergy of this diocese know that any bishop of the House of Bishops under most circumstances can be invited to this diocese, so I think that trespassing in dioceses is chaotic.
From Bp. Jefferts Schori...

LC: What about those who seem bent and determined to leave or to wound the body if they don't get their own way?

Bp. Schori: I think they need to be challenged, more so than they have been. I see signs of hope in the House of Bishops, an unwillingness to continue to put up with bad behavior. We haven't seen any action yet, but I think it is coming.

LC: Do you have any sense of what that action might be? Would a verbal rebuke be enough?

Bp. Schori: It won't be enough in some cases, I am sure. But I have the sense that there is some desire to hold each other accountable for actions that are not canonical, for actions that have the appearance of being downright schismatic.
From Bp. Jenkins...

...I learned a lot of things in Nottingham, Louie, and not just there. People on both sides of the issue -- and those of us on the Right need to hear this closely -- love Jesus, want to honor Jesus, and believe in their heart of hearts that they are in a relationship honoring the Lord Christ. Gay people love Scripture just like straight people do: there is no difference. Gay people believe that they are fulfilling Scripture, honoring Scripture, and living the life to which Christ has called us.
From Bp. Parsley...

LC: Do you have to forfeit your own convictions if you are to lead?

Bp. Parsley: I don't think you have to forfeit your own convictions. You need to be well defined in what you believe. As you know, I am a well-defined moderate. I say that slightly tongue-in-cheek, because not many people think that moderates can be well defined. I am actually a passionate via media Anglican. I think that the middle way has led us into paths of wisdom and reconciliation and courage in the past, and can continue so to lead us in the future.

I think the Presiding Bishop has to contain all voices and help this church contain all voices. God needs us all; and He needs us together, not in warring camps.
From Bp. Sauls...

There is a sense maybe across the spectrum that the House of Bishops may not be a safe place to be. I notice that from our conservative colleagues who say that the minute we start talking about justice, they feel shut down, but the more liberal members of the House, who constitute the majority at the moment, could say the same thing when the conservatives talk about orthodoxy and morality. I think we are in a pattern of using catch phrases to lock others out of the conversation.
I think every one of these nominees would make a fine Presiding Bishop. However, I'm not changing my favorite (I especially liked his forthright answer to the first question...and have gained respect for Bp. Jenkins for being equally clear on his position).

Did these interviews change you opinion of any of the nominees?


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