Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Canadian Bishops Challenge Church of Nigeria

The Bishops of Canada have spoken out against the Nigerian legislation that responds to gay and lesbian persons and their supporters by incarcerating them. The Bishops also "disassociate" themselves from the actions of the Anglican Church of Nigeria which supports this latest form of institutionalized bigotry. From the Anglican Journal:

...The proposed laws, said the bishops, "criminalize civil and religious same-sex marriage as well as the public and private expression of same-sex affection, all public affiliation between gay persons and even publicity, public support and media reporting of the same." The proposals "would make the very act of listening to homosexual persons impossible."

In unusually strong language, the bishops said they "disassociate" themselves from the actions of the Church of Nigeria and called upon Anglicans around the world to listen to and respect the human rights of gay people.
Thinking Anglicans has provided us with the specific wording of the resolution.

The US Department of State is on record as being against this draconian law. Now our Canadian neighbors have shown they have the gonads to speak up. Not a word from the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church (with the exception of Bp. Chane), and, even more disturbing, nothing from Canterbury.

Why does Peter Akinola get a pass on this from Dr. Williams and the rest of the communion?

This is enough to cause one to wonder if being an Anglican is necessarily such a good thing anymore.


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