Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dean Zahl: "Gay Lobby = Steamrolling Brown Shirts"

Just two weeks ago, the Rev. Paul Zahl, dean of the conservative Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, compared the election of a gay bishop in California to “a terrorist bomb". One would think that the high level of negative publicity he received would have been cause for Dean Zahl to be a bit more careful in choosing his words. Apparently not. Here's an excerpt from his latest contribution to the conversation:

...There is a steamroller out there called the gay agenda or lobby, and it is unsparing of all dissent. It is an external force, and is absolutely focused...

...You have this army of Brown Shirts – the steamroller of what we now call "revisionism" - – and it is taking no prisoners...
Now there's a lovely image; a steamroller named "The Gay Agenda", with an "army of Brown Shirts" at the controls.

The rest of his "reflection" is preoccupied with the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Such a fixation might help explain why some of the extreme conservatives are so afraid of anyone who might be slightly different; they watch too many monster movies.


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