Thursday, May 11, 2006

Countering "Christian" Hate

A reader recently sent me a link to a posting by Straight, Not Narrow regarding a young man who has recently received hate mail from "Christians."

The young man, Tully Satre, is a Junior at Notre Dame Academy. He is the same young man who wrote the essay that I've linked to on the right (on IT's recommendation) as Speaking Truth to Power. Here are a few excerpts from his recent article in the Advocate:

...Last week I received numerous e-mails full of hatred and containing a consistent message: Every letter stated boldly that the sender’s view, as a Christian, required them to stand up against my actions and attempt to educate me about my “perverse lifestyle.” One letter stated that I needed to read the Bible and “get right with God,” that they “don’t hate [me]” but “don’t want [me] to end up in hell, which is where [I am] headed if [I] don’t get right” while also suggesting that I “should go to church”...

...I feel confident to express everything I am and everything I believe, and I will always say that I am what I believe a Christian should be. But nearly every single letter and act toward me in the name of Christianity or by a Christian person has been hateful, isolating, and completely focused on my “self-destructive actions.”

I am not asking for an explanation; I am asking for a reason: Why have I not received a single letter from anyone saying they accept me because they are a Christian?
Tully Satre can be reached at


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