Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Drowned My Laptop

For those who may not have known, liquids and laptops don't mix well.

I was working on a video project last night. The deadline was today, so I was frantically running around hunting up cables, then editing frames. As it was getting late, and I still didn't have a master done, I decided it was time for coffee. Sat it down on a book on my desk. I didn't realize that book was teetering on the edge of a smaller book underneath. The book fell, and the cup of hot coffee (with cream and sugar no less) tipped right onto the top of my keyboard. Before I could scoop up the laptop, and pour almost the whole cup out of its innards, the power shut off.

I've taken it apart, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol as best as possible, but few signs of life. And, of course, I hadn't saved the video project. It was gone.

I still had the original tape, so it was a matter of starting from scratch and remaking the whole thing. I got it done in time for the meeting at which I was supposed to present it, although I was an hour late. And the quality was not what it should have been.

I'll probably be able to save the data on the hard drive. Three years of sermons are in there, plus a lot of documentation regarding various net-related stuff.

Tonight I did a little more surgery on my drowned friend, and got a spark of life. But the keys all stick, and it is doubtful if it will ever function quite right again. Luckily, resourceful Demi had this cheap Acer sitting around, which is what I'm using. But I don't have the patience to spend half my online time staring at this dagnabbed tiny hourglass. So, I suppose it's time to find a new puter.

In other matters, my son is getting married here next week. The family is all flying out, and I don't have this house together yet. I'd hoped to have the deck done, but that's not going to happen. So, I'm going to focus on at least unpacking most of the boxes, and do some planting out front.

Out front. Heh. I didn't tell you about the sprinkler dude, did I? We had an irrigation system installed. They brought over this cool machine, called a "ditch witch." It digs the trench and pulls the tubing through the ground all at the same time.

Anyway, early the other day, after I admired their machine, I went back inside for a cup of coffee. Next thing I knew, the news went off and the net went dead. The ditch witch had cut my cable.

Now keep in mind that when the wires are underground, they are buried in a bundle; electricity, phone and cable, with the gas line usually in the same trench as well. The good news is that the lights and stove still worked. The bad news is that I still had to call all the utility companies. I had a squad of workmen diggin up my yard that day.

Beyond all that, got a couple of projects going on at church that need my attention right now. So, posting may be light for awhile; at least until I get a different puter.

Since I haven't been checking things the last few days, is it my imagination or has the animosity started increasing in the comments? I know; I started it. But hey, it's my turf. I can start it, and finish it. But that doesn't give us all a green light to go ballistic, does it? I didn't think it did.

Grace has been around here a long time, folks. Disagree with her, but if something harsh needs to be said, let JCF say it. That's what I usually do. They are friends. They'll work it out.

As far as Phil goes, remember that he is a child of God. Disagree, but let's not get petty and start launching personal attacks.

The content in the last post was important for some folks to see, I think. And we must continue to drag into the light the truth about such matters. But, I think we need to lighten up a bit (including me). Because, in the end, if I'm right, God reigns. And if Phil is right, God reigns.

Let's do what we can do, and trust God to do the rest. In other words, chill. Better yet, did you know that it is Spring outside? Get off the dang puter and take a walk or something!

Or, if you won't do that, then for a change of pace, let's hear your laptop recommendations.


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