Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Have You Seen This Man?

The above picture is of Robinson Cavalcanti, the former Bishop of Recife. He is rumored to currently be somewhere in the United States. Your help is needed in documenting his movements.

Who is Robinson Cavalcanti? Here's just a few facts to give you a quick sketch.

  • He was the foreign Bishop involved in crossing Diocesan borders in Ohio back in March of 2004. This was the "trial balloon" for all the future border crossings. Recently deposed Bp. Cox was also involved in this incident.

  • The day after the Windsor Report was released, a document which most conservatives are quite fond of, even though it clearly states that border crossing must end, Cavalcanti claimed two congregations belonging to the Diocese of Olympia; St. Stephen’s Church, Oak Harbor, and St. Charles’, Poulsbo, Washington.

  • Cavalcanti was deposed by the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil.

  • Gregory Venables of the Suthern Cone ignored the deposition and accepted Cavalcanti into his House of Bishops and claimed the Diocese of Recife as his own. Is any of this beginning to sound familiar?

  • The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil expressed their frustration with Venables actions and issued a clarification of the situation to correct the many false truths that were being circulated among the Anglican extremists.

  • A new Bishop was elected and installed in the Diocese of Recife. This is the Bishop recognized by the Anglican Communion, as can be seen by the listing in the Provincial Directory.
  • This wandering Bishop, along with his renegade Primate, continue to invade the jurisdictions of other Provinces without permission. They recently made an unauthorized visit to Recife.

    The faithful Episcopalians of St. Stephen's, Oak Harbor, Washington, have been barred from using their facilities by the wandering Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti. Knowing that this Bishop will one day be held accountable for his actions, they have launched an effort to document sightings of Cavalcanti:
    On June 10, 2005 Robinson Cavalcanti was deposed from his ordained ministry as a bishop by the ecclesiastical court of his province, the Episcopal Church of Brazil, effectively removing him from his position as bishop of the Diocese of Recife. Founded only 30 years ago as an outreach effort of the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro, the diocese of Recife has experienced two schisms and is now on its third cathedral. Since his deposition, Cavalcanti has crossed provincial boundaries without permission from diocesan bishops or the Presiding Bishop in order to participate in irregular actions within the United States.

    Throughout this month (May 2008), Mr. Cavalcanti will visit Western Washington again (he was here in January of 2007). As before, he has not sought the ecclesiastical permission of The Episcopal Church and will be visiting parishes he claims are now within his “Anglican” diocese of Brazil in North America.

    While in Washington State, he will be visiting the parishes and clergy he is claiming for Recife in Poulsbo, Bellingham, Oak Harbor, Spokane and Walla Walla. On Sunday, May 11th (Pentecost) he will preside over diaconal ordinations at St. Stephen “Anglican” in Oak Harbor. On Tuesday May 13th he will attend a special service at St. Brendan’s worship space in St. Paul’s (Bellingham) church school. While there he will preside at a Confirmation service during which he will also install (the Rev.) Kevin Allen (former rector of St. Paul’s), who has been appointed to the newly created Pacific Coast Common Cause Council which will have its charter meeting May 16th in Vancouver, Canada.

    Cavalcanti will be back in Spokane over the Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25). On Friday, May 23rd, he will meet with the Vestry of Christ-the-King Anglican in Spokane before traveling to the Tri-Cities to visit Trinity Anglican Church. On Sunday, May 25th he will preside at a diaconal ordination at Christ-the-King Anglican.

    If you see Mr. Cavalcanti, please document his presence and activities by sending information regarding the time, date and location to The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton at All reported tracking and sighting information will be updated daily on the St. Stephen Episcopal website:

    For every sighting which includes a documenting photo, St. Stephen Episcopal will donate the cost of mosquito net to our diocesan NetsforLife campaign.
    Cavalcanti will not be limiting his wandering to Washington. He will be in Eugene, Oregon sometime between May 13th and 23rd, and he is also anticipated to visit San Diego, CA.

    If you see this man, get a picture and document it. He needs to be held accountable. Other forms of protesting this behavior I'll leave to your creative imaginations.

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