Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yet Another Nigerian Contribution to the Conversation

From AllAfrica, we find an article entitled "Nigeria: Anglican Synod Decries Gay Marriage." Here's part of it:

THE first synod of the Anglican Diocese of Nike was concluded in Enugu yesterday with a strong condemnation of what it called the debasement of moral values exemplified in same sex marriage and homosexuality.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the synod, the church described same sex marriage as "devilish and a deviation from the Holy Scriptures" which it said is the anchor of the Anglican faith. It called on the Christian faithful to shun such practice in view of the punishments awaiting the perpetrators...
Devilish. Punishments.

CANA has also chosen to be part of the Anglican Church of Nigeria. The Network proudly claims CANA as a Common Cause Partner. One wonders if they also consider some Christians in faithful relationships to be "devilish" and to be deserving of punishment?

Apparently, at least one of CANA's clergy would agree, but doesn't stop with just one segment of TEC. Don Armstrong, the Colorado priest who was convicted of theft in an ecclesiatical court and jumped to CANA to avoid being deposed, shares these thoughts about the entire Episcopal Church: has to do with the fact that the enemy is truly evil, and they are waging not reconciliation, but a shock and awe assault on all of us...
Evil. Assault.

Of course this is certainly not the first time that we've heard a spiritual leader claim that same sex relationships, and those who support such committed relationships, are satanic and evil. Even the Archbishop of Nigeria has made such statements. I mention this additional citation, and Don Armstrong's militant language, because I find such declarations extremely troubling.

When this matter is described in terms of "spiritual warfare," I begin to fear for the safety of those who are being accused of being "satanic" or "devilish" or "evil." History is full of terrible stories of what happens when victims are stripped of their humanity and depicted as being an incarnation of the forces of evil.

Pray for those in danger in Nigeria. Pray for the Church.


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