Friday, September 07, 2007

Popoola Claims Bp. Orama Denied Hate Speech

From the Living Church:

... spokesman for the Church of Nigeria, Archdeacon Akintunde Popoola, told The Living Church the quote attributed to the bishop was false.

The Bishop of Uyo “denied making such a statement,” Canon Popoola said. While the bishop’s address to his diocesan synod did speak to the issue of human sexuality dividing the Communion, and the Church of Nigeria’s position on these issues, “he did not say that [gays and lesbians] are to be hated, nor that they are insane or unfit to live.”

The News Agency of Nigeria reporter has “apologized for the misrepresentation and promised a retraction,” Archdeacon Popoola told TLC...
Keep in mind that this is the same Archdeacon Popoola who made numerous false accusations against Davis Mac-Iyalla. He also just recently claimed, in regards to the interest in Abp. Akinola's ghost writers, that "Canon Chris Sugden...had nothing to do with the document." If one takes a look at the actual document, it is quite obvious that Archdeacon Popoola's statement is simply untrue.

So, make what you want out of this denial. Personally, I have serious reservations about it.

More details from Bp. Orama, such as a copy of his address, or a statement from the reporter (if there is one) would be helpful. If he was misquoted, what exactly did he say? That gays are inhuman? Satanic? Exactly what part of his statement is he denying?

For those just arriving, our initial discussion of this matter can be found here. I am told UPI was pressured to take down the original NAN article, so now you must go here to view it.

Susan and Josh have also responded to Tunde's claims.

I'll try to keep you informed if and when more information becomes available regarding this questionable denial.


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