Monday, April 23, 2007

Davis Mac-Iyalla is Coming to the U.S.

Davis Mac-Iyalla, director of Changing Attitude-Nigeria, will begin a speaking tour in the U.S. beginning May 16. This tour is being coordinated by Josh Thomas.

You may recall the story of Changing Attitude-Nigeria. We have previously discussed this group here and here. Josh offers us a good summary of events here.

The Church of Nigeria has been trying to silence Davis Mac-Iyalla for a few years. They launched a smear campaign against him in 2005. When those accusations were refuted, the Church of Nigeria then threw their support behind legislation that would make belonging to organizations like Changing Attitude a criminal offense resulting in five years in prison. Since then Davis has had his life threatened.

Josh is seeking speaking invitations for Davis from churches, seminaries, media and community groups interested in LGBT human rights in West Africa. E-mail him here.

You can make a donation towards the Davis Mac-Iyalla U.S. Lecture Tour here.


UPDATE: Christopher will be hosting Davis when he arrives in the Bay area. And, he points us to buttons to show our support for Changing Attitude-Nigeria.

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