Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cuteness Personified

What you see here is the cutest little girl in the whole wide world. (UPDATE: After further thought, I've taken down the pic that accompanied this post. For those arriving late, you'll just have to trust me. She is indeed the cutest little girl!)

If you disagree with my assessment, I recommend that you keep it to yourself. This is my darling granddaughter. We've been visiting with her and her family for the last few days. I am quite biased in my opinion of her.

As I've previously mentioned, I'm not on board the move towards a blogger code of conduct. Which means I'll continue to zap any comment that bugs me. And suggesting the possibility that this may not be the cutest little girl in the whole wide world will definitely bug me. Fair warning?

I must mention one other bit of trivia. We've been staying in a suite at the Hampton Inn. We found small notices propped against the pillows announcing "pillows by Hampton firm". Also included was a flyer describing other "Hampton signature items" available for purchase. Unusual, I thought, until the first night's rest.

I have never had such a good night's sleep in my life. The Serta mattress, down-filled duvet and over-stuffed pillows were indeed vastly superior to anything I've ever experienced. Each night I have slept for a solid eight hours without awaking once (quite unusual), and awoke each morning feeling refreshed and cheerful (which is even more unusual; I'm normally not a morning person).

No doubt part of the cheerfulness has to do with time spent with loved ones. But that cannot account for it all. Could it possibly be that a simple thing like a good night's rest might have a substantial impact on our emotional health?

Check out the Hampton Home Collection. Pricey, but heavenly.


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