Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is Schism Inevitable?

Those who are new to Jake's place, and those who may not be Episcopalians, might be a bit confused about what is going on at the Primates' Meeting. If so, give The Big Question a read. Adrian Hamilton summarizes the situation quite well. Here's his conclusion:

Is a split in the worldwide communion now inevitable?


* For the traditionalists there can be no compromise on a matter of biblical authority

* The North American churches will never accept the retraction demanded of them

* The Anglican provinces are self-governing and could manage on their own


* The churches could agree to disagree on the issue and still keep in communion

* The splits are not only between provinces but within them so there is a shared interest in compromise

* For most of the laity, sexual politics are not of paramount importance
A tip of the biretta (without tassels) to Jim.

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