Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

- George Sand -

Note to those on Safari (as in Mac, not in Africa): I've activated blogger comments. We'll have 2 threads for awhile, until I figure out the problem.



  1. Is this the site for those of us on Safari (not trekking in Africa but the browser)?

  2. Yep. Activated blogger ;)

  3. We can't leave you folks out, as I'm told all the "cool people" use Macs.

  4. Yaeh, but the blogger one is never rational as to whether it puts you at the beginning or the end of the thread.

    And you give the impression of emulating a certain insane presbyter.

  5. I will continue to advocate that my fellow Mac-heads switch from Safari to Camino or Firefox, which handle standard HTML protocols more reliably than Safari, *and* will happiily transfer all your book marks for you.

    And both are free.

  6. Sorry, that last anon. was IT.

  7. OK, I am bilingual. I transferred all my bookmarks to Firefox (which I have been using on my resurrected laptop).

    For about ten minutes this afternoon, I guess while the blog comments were being added, this entire blog lost its formatting and all of its other comments. It was unnerving.

  8. One other thing, what is Camino, other than the Camino de Santiago? I've never heard of that application before.

  9. That must have been when I was trying to update haloscan for the new blogger/google account. The problem is you have to update the template in blogger first, which wipes out three years of html code I've added. I was trying to trick it by updating, then replacing their code with my own. It wouldn't take. Something about my "img" and "align" had to be in "open quote." So I tried changing all my pics codes...anyway, didn't work.

    But, in the meantime, the site was doing some really weird things. Sorry for the confusion.

    Two threads might be interesting. We could have a serious one and a flippant one simultaneously. Or one for tangents and one on the topic. Or...

  10. Hi Caminante,
    Camino is here: It is a Mozilla-based browser only for Mac. I use Camino for most things and only use Firefox when there is a problem.


  11. So Camino is better? I'm not familiar with it.

    I've been using Firefox a lot lately, because Safari has been a pain in the butt a lot.

  12. Hi Saint Pat
    Not "better", "different". Each browser has strengths and weaknesses. Camino is fast, nimble, and more stable than Safari. It has a more "Mac-like" look and feel than firefox. But there are still some sites with forms and security (e.g., one of my banks) that Camino wigs out on. For those, I open Firefox. There's no problem with having multiple browsers on your computer.

    I prefer the "feel" of Camino for most of my internet time, so that's where I keep my bookmarks. I use Firefox only as a backup. It looks too PeeCee for my taste, thought it is very very well built.

    OTOH, my partner swears by Firefox. She loves it. But a lot of her work relies on internet forms and rather complicated sites, and Firefox is extremely good with those, so she uses it all the time. (Yes, her office is Mac-based.)

    As for internet exploder, folks, if you are on MacOSX, DELETE IT NOW. It has not supported the Mac for years, it's crude and ugly, and bits of it break with every system upgrade. Firefox or Camino are much much better choices for Safari-alternative browers.

    I guess this is the computer thread.

    Meanwhile, my (working) eye is currently lusting after an Apple X-serve RAID array server.... ;-)


  13. OK, since this has become a mini-Mac conversation over here, can I ask a really, really dumb question?I'm going to with or without your permission ;)

    How do you get other people's blogs listed in the side-bar?

    And how do you get links within the text of your blog?

    My eyes cross when I read blogger's help instructions.

    You all already know how to do it but perhaps you can share your wisdom.

  14. Hmmm,it didn't post my comment.

    What I said was: I don't blog, so the sidebar, I don't know. As for links in the text, I assume that's the same as links in teh comments, which is an HTML tag.