Thursday, February 15, 2007

Evening Press Briefing

Jim points us to Scott Gunn's summary of the evening press briefing in Tanzania:

...Other news: Katharine was seated all day, and so was John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. The place of both had been questioned in some quarters, but they were in the meeting all day. Also, the primates prayed the Great Litany together at lunchtime instead of Eucharist. My recollection (possibly clouded by heat and hunger) is that we were told there would be Eucharist today. Not sure what significance to attache to this. We are told they'll celebrate Eucharist every day for the remainder of the meeting. It will be interesting to see who attends and who does not.

The day was described as a day of "intense listening" characterized by "graciousness and patience." So they were civil, I guess. At least I can confirm that no gunshots were heard emanating from the primates' compound.

The four American bishops (+Katharine plus the theological buffet of three invited bishops) made presentations today, but no details were provided. The three guests are reported to be on their way home. I believe that includes +Bob Duncan, though I'll check that one at the dinner table in a few minutes...
So much for worst case scenarios.

With that, I'm outa here. We've got tickets for a production of The Tempest in DC tonight. Time to hit the road.


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  1. Has anyone else noted the significant (at least I think it's significant) shift in referring and addressing archbishops. Like Bishop Katharine, they are more and more Bishop Christian Name, Bishop Drexel, Bishop Rowen, und so weite. I think our Bishop Katharine has set a style