Sunday, July 17, 2005

Next to the Bed

Joe tagged me with the "bedside meme." Btw, congratulations to Joe on entering the realm of Daddydom; John Thomas looks like a beautiful baby boy.

My dresser is right next to the bed and, because of limited space, it doubles as my nightstand. Here's some of the things on it right now;

A pewter bowl containing collar buttons, cuff links, etc.

3 knives; one 5" folding hunting, one swiss army, and one small single blade hook.

2 alarm clocks (I often sleep through the first one).

1 DVD (The first season of Northern Exposure)

2 belts

1 comb

2 bottles of holy oil

1 stole

1 Palaroid camera

1 reading light

And, of course, a few books;

RSV bible
Gilead, Marilynne Robinson
Children of God, Mary Duria Russell
Slaves of Obsession, Anne Perry
Alvin Journeyman, Orson Scott Card
The Essential Kabbalah, Daniel Matt
The Stones of Summer, Dow Mossman
Father Joe, Tony Hendra
The Laughing Jesus, Freke and Gandy
How Israel Lost, Richard Ben Cramer

Add to the above assorted scraps of paper, various writing instruments, last year's pocket calendar, and plenty of loose change, and there you have it. It looks like absolute chaos, but I've asked Demi never to try to straighten it up. I'd never find anything if she did.

Ok, who should I tag...hmmm...

Demi (of course)

For those who were looking for something a bit more profound, like maybe today's sermon, you can find it here. I updated and tweaked it a bit, but that was basically the message.


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