Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday's Pointers

The new position is requiring quite a bit of my time lately, so today I'm just going to point to a few things some of you might find interesting;

Simon Sarmiento is offering good coverage of the Anglican Consultative Council's meeting over on Thinking Anglicans. Lots of good links.

The Revealer points to a timely and rather interesting piece; Daddy, what did you do in the men's movement? So, what's your opinion of Robert Bly?

It's starting to look like this administration has a problem with truth telling. It turns out they lied to the British about using napalm-like firebombs in Iraq. The Bush administration has also been caught red handed attempting to derail the British goal of adressing global warming at the G8 conference next month. If this is how we treat our allies...

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, stated in an interview that he saw no theological objections to a woman becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury, and that there is a lot of prejudice and bigotry regarding homosexuality in Christian circles; "...While some Christians use “biblical grounds” to oppose homosexuality, said the Archbishop, it tended to be more about social prejudice and inherited ideas."

I've got a new post up at The Christian Alliance for Progress; Building Diverse Alliances.

And with that, good night!


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