Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Introducing My Pony

I owned a '94 Mustang for a brief time about ten years ago. Since we still had three kids living at home, it wasn't very practical, so I traded it in on an Explorer. I've missed that car ever since. '94 was the year Ford introduced the new body style for the Mustang, which I really like. It also had the 5.0 liter engine, which in '96 was changed to the 4.6. For nostalgic reasons, I've always preferred the 5.0. Over the years, Ford tweaked the body style slightly. The '94 has the most distinctive bubble-shaped top, slightly thinner and lower body style, and horizontal tail lenses. The '05 Mustang is a dramatic change, with the clear intent of returning to the original design from the 60s, which made the car famous. Purist enthusiasts are quite excited about the newest version. Personally, I've always preferred the look and feel of the '94.

Well, last week I ran across the beauty pictured here; a white '94 with a recently rebuilt 5.0 and an immaculate body. The price was dirt cheap, so it is now parked in my driveway. There's a few minor things that need some work, and a couple of modifications I want to make, so it's a "project car" for now. I am beyond thrilled.

It may seem strange to some folks for a priest who is a borderline socialist to be so excited about a material possession. I have no excuse for lusting after this car, but I do have a couple of words of explanation. First of all, this is not just a car; it is the best American-made machine on the road today. Second, keep in mind I grew up in California. The choice of an automobile is more important to some Californians than their house, due to the fact that some commuters spend more time in the car than they do at home. And finally, I was a jet engine mechanic in the Navy, and a heavy equipment mechanic at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for a few years after my enlistment ended. Yea, I was a gear head; one of those guys who always had a layer of grease under his fingernails, kept at least one heap in the backyard "for parts," and gave way too much money to the Snap-On salesman.

Fellow gear heads will understand. To the rest of you; I'm smiling today, and I invite you to share in my joy.

Now I need to go see if I can track down the Freon leak so I can get the air conditioning working. Could I pay someone to fix it? Sure, but then I'd miss all the fun!


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