Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday's Pointers

First, go read the Xpatriated Texan's excellent essay; You are the One. Thurman, of XT, has also agreed to be the NJ organizer for CAP. Since I live in NJ, and plan to participate, I look forward to meeting him. Anyone else from NJ interested in meeting up?

Second, I want to point to a new blog launched by a group from the University of Chicago; Faithand; The Religious Left Speaks Up. Some good discussions going on over there. They are seeking submissions. Here's their recent press release;

PRESS RELEASE: THE RELIGIOUS LEFT SPEAKS UP is pleased to announce the launch of their new site: is a challenge to conservatism's hold on religious and moral values in American political discourse. We believe that progressive religious ideas need a stronger voice in politics. We hope to broaden the current political discussion and to make real the values and ideals of the religious left in American politics and policy.

Our new website is a forum to explore and clarify the shared values of the left, improve communication of those values and provide opportunities for action and activism within the progressive religious community. In particular, our site will feature articles on a wide range of issues (including scholarly work and opinion pieces), sermons and statements by progressive religious leaders of all faiths, an ongoing web log ("blog") commenting on current events from the perspective of the religious left, a question of the week and a lively discussion forum to foster participation. was founded as The Religious Left following the election of November 2004. What started as a midnight idea on, became an overnight sensation when mentioned in The Economist magazine, and is now an organization based out of the University of Chicago.

Press Inquiries may be directed to Allie Carter at

Submission Policy:

We invite all kinds of submissions – essays, sermons, papers, meditations, fiction, poetry - on any topic related to progressive religion and politics. Submissions must be between 300 and 1500 words. New works are due the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month for consideration. Publication is at the sole discretion of the editorial board. Please send your submissions to
Here's another new blog that I've enjoyed reading; Higher Plane, written by a flight attendant using the pseudonym "Omis I. Dlaykadrinck". Good commentary on religion, spirituality, politics and the aviation industry.

And finally, I want to point to the most moving thing I've read in a long time; Nunc Dimittis. No lead-up for this one. Just go take a look.

I've finished the renovations of the church's office and narthex this week, and am now starting a sermon on Sunday's troublesome gospel text. I'm beat, and, to top it off, I've got this miserable tooth ache. Grumble, grumble, whine whine.

On the bright side, I've got the Mustang running and tagged, so the drive in to the church is now quite enjoyable. And tomorrow we're holding our Strawberry Festival. Life is good; nothing wrong that some rest, a good dentist and an insightful commentary can't fix.


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